Welcome to Visions of Discovery 2013
Image Competition

This is the place to find out about Visions of Discovery 2013 - an image competition designed to showcase the awe-inspiring biomedical and life science research undertaken at the University of Dundee, open to all members of the College of Life Sciences and College of Medicine, Dentistry and Nursing. We wish to encourage imaginative means of communicating research!

2013 Winners

The winners were announced at a Prize Event on 5th December 2013, which coincided with the launch of an exhibition of all the submitted entries. The exhibition in the foyer of the Dalhousie Building, Old Hawkhill, University of Dundee will remain open to the public through December  2013 and January 2014 (other than during the University's closure over Christmas and the New Year). Thank you to all the entrants for producing an amazing display!

1st Prize

Professor Luc Bidaut, Clinical Research Imaging Facility, Division of Cancer Research, College of Medicine, Dentistry & Nursing (email: l.bidaut@dundee.ac.uk)
The Return Of The Mummy: The Elgin Museum (J. Trythall, Moray Society) lent a disrobed 15th century Peruvian mummy in a sealed glass-bell to the Centre for Anatomy and Human Identification, University of Dundee (C. Wilkinson et al.) for forensic analysis and "phenotyping". As part of this study, a set of CT scans were performed at the Clinical Research Imaging Facility (by L. Bidaut and colleagues), with subsequent analysis and 3D-renderings by IPVL (Luc Bidaut). The multidisciplinary consortium also performed more advanced analysis and body/face reconstructions based on these data, which provided critical information about the gender, condition and other crucial aspects of the person prior to her death.

1st prize

2nd Prize

Dr Paul Appleton, Division of Cell and Developmental Biology, College of Life Sciences
3D rendered image of human small intestine. Twelve images were acquired using a multiphoton microscope and stitched together to form a larger image including the finger-like villi projecting upwards and their crypts containing stem cells below.

2nd prize

3rd Prize

Ian Newton, Division of Cell and Developmental Biology, College of Life Sciences
Fruit fly ovarian nurse cells. The image shows a cutaway three-dimensional reconstruction from a confocal stack of a Drosophila melanogaster ovary. E-cadherin (green), f-actin (red) and DNA (blue). (In collaboration with Paul Appleton)

3rd prize

Joint 4th Prize

Karin Kroboth, Division of Molecular Medicine, College of Life Sciences
Fluorescent image of human skin showing profilaggrin (red), cytokeratin (green) and DNA (blue). Breakdown products of profilaggrin maintain the skin barrier protecting skin from water loss, pathogens and UV radiation. Loss of profillagrin casues Ichthyosis vulgaris and Atopic dermatitis, which affect up to 20% of children and 5% of adults.

4th_1 prize

Joint 4th Prize

Dr Nicola Stanley-Wall, Division of Molecular Microbiology, College of Life Sciences
Biofilms are complex communities of microbial cells. Bacillus subtilis biofilms are highly water-repellent due to the production of a "bacterial raincoat". We aim to decipher the environmental signals that initiate production, and control assembly, of the raincoat. This scientific goal is represented visually by the water droplet "traffic lights".

4th_2 prize

The Judges

Many thanks to our judges who brought a range of perspectives based on their expertise in scientific images, publishing, biomedical research, and science communication. They were:

    Catherine Draycott (Head of Wellcome Images)

    Adam Goff (Picture Editor, New Scientist)

    Professor Peter Downes (Principal, University of Dundee)

All entries were anonymised prior to judging.

Further thanks

Many thanks also to the following for their help:
Nick Mackie and Sarah Hussain for publicity, Andrew Millar for webpage hosting and online judging system, Leanne Wallace and Peter Murray for arrangements of the Prize Event and exhibition, Gordon Keir and Fiona Livingstone for printing and coordinating the exhibition, Roddy Isles for the press release and Hilary McNally for coordinating the Contact story.


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